How to Qualify

Getting Started with a Q12 Certification - The enquiring company must first order and review the complete Q12 guide. These manuals will educate the manufacturer while breaking down the qualifications and making them more accessible.
Establish Training Requirements - If you are completely new to the world of Q12 standards, a training course can be beneficial to give confidence and genuine skills to help implement the process. Email our experts to arrange an in-house visit that will help your team establish and implement an appropriate strategy.
Develop an In-House Strategy for Production & Manufacturing - The Q12 standard is designed to be generic and applicable to organizations of all sizes in the cabinetry industry. The twelve facets provide a framework for good manufacturing practices, specifying standards that need to be included. The strategy must be based on management activities, provision of resources, production realizations, measurement, analysis and product enhancements.
Readiness Test - Once the organization is ready and has completed stages 1 through 3, an assessor will visit again to carry out an inspection audit. This will reveal the effectiveness of your manufacturing and production processes and whether they meet all the requirements specified in the Q12 standard. If you are fully compliant, you will be recommended for certification.
Maintaining Your Processes & Certification - The auditor’s report is verified via a strict approval process and if no anomalies are identified, Q12 certification is officially awarded. The Q12 certification is based on a two-year cycle, with a required annual visit/inspection. Each accredited certificate issued contains the Q12 seal, which demonstrates and validates that the end-product complies with all the Q12 requirements. With this seal, cabinet companies and manufacturers will reap the benefits while exceeding their clients’ expectations. In-house communication and training should be carried out regularly to ensure ongoing awareness and engagement with the standards.