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Q12 – Quality Redefined

In such a competitive landscape, developing quality cabinetry has become a major challenge. In order to ensure quality cabinets are produced and manufactured, the entire development process must comply with regulatory and industry standards. Therefore, it is imperative that a manufacturer completes constant construction and safety testing that verifies conformance to design, properties performance, reliability and lifecycle.

When it comes to building resilient cabinetry, quality is achieved through rigorous testing based on the Q12 standards. Q12 is a standard that has been created for examining cabinetry and ensures that a company can avoid costly defects and delays. This standard was founded by an executive team that has played a pioneering role in the development of the manufacturing and cabinetry industry. The standard requires that a Q12 inspection team audits the entire process to ensure the product meets all 12 standards and is therefore considered Q12 compliant. By evaluating the companies’ quality control capabilities, its overall raw material traceability and its production equipment, it is possible to determine if a cabinet encompasses all 12 facets of the standard.

As the cabinetry industry continues to experience rapid developments and advancements, the Q12 standard will maintain its position as the solution driving efficiency and excellence.  With a team of qualified stakeholders and policymakers, the originators behind Q12 are continuing to harness a network of experts to enforce and develop this formal standard. Industry trailblazers are on a mission to deliver innovations and technology that constantly raise the bar, as more and more companies adopt the standard.

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